DEATH MAMA Releases First Single "Can You Dig It?"

Rising from the remains of a perverse idol, left to molder and ruin in the desert night, Death Mama is the sickness and the cure, a howl of ecstasy set against a devastating sonic landscape. 

Moving in the shadows, hardly a whisper in underground clubs. The fleeting outline of a figure you almost saw in the night. Veiled, hidden, and — finally — revealed, teeth bared and claws dripping with the remains of a life whose sole purpose was to fuel the fire behind the next incarnation. Creeping, slinking, ready for the kill, poised with one question. 

Can you dig it?

Atlanta quartet Death Mama step out of the darkness to present the sound and the fury of “Can You Dig It,” available for immediate digital download and streaming. 

Written & Produced by Death Mama

Recorded by Nick Magliochetti

Mixed by Nick Magliochetti

Mastering By Brian Lucey Magic Garden Mastering

Recorded & Mixed at Pariah Recorders Studio

Purchase/Stream Here